Weekly Suggestions (March 26 to April 1)

This upcoming week can be really interesting. For one, the mining and oil sector is seen to do really well after 8 nickel mining companies had their suspensions lifted off. Obvious picks are NIKL and FNI. These two stocks will probably do very well this week. Outside...

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Weekly Suggestions (March 19 to 25)

There has been no life in mining recently as Gina Lopez went on a rampage in closing and suspending mining operations all over the country. Obviously, this administration is not a fan of mining. However, quite uncharacteristic (as far as his stance in mining is...

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Signs You’ve Matured As A Trader

Maturity is one of the things common to successful traders. It is a trait that doesn’t come along easy. It is a result of countless sleepless nights browsing through company profiles, financial reports and analyzing charts. It is a result of many losses that became...

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Weekly Suggestions (March 12 to 18)

wo of the many stocks that might do well within this week are ATN and X. ATN touched the upper end of its buy range at P0.36. Ideal buy range for ATN is between P0.34 to P0.36. Cut ATN below P0.34. Though ATN is ideal for a longer term trade, it’s poised to do well in...

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